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Porto Timoni is the name of a double beach near Afionas village, on the west coast of Corfu island. It is a scenic place and deserves to be classified as a sightseeing, both natural and historical because in antiquity it was a harbor and had fortress built there. The turquoise color of the sea contrasts to the high green hills surrounding it and its not so easy access makes it even more special once you get there. Porto Timoni can be reached in two ways: on foot from Afionas village or by boat or pedalo from the nearby resorts.

For those who are interested to visit the beach on foot, there are two paths starting from two sides of the village and later merging into one. One of the paths starts near the village square where cars cannot go any further - a bright yellow shop has placed a signboard pointing the direction. This path overlooks Agios Georgios - North. The other path starts from the top of the village, near a cafe called Anemos.

Although it looks closer, the hike takes about 30-40 minutes. The distance from the beginning of each path to the beach is approximately 900 m. Both paths are very narrow and overgrown with bushes, covered with large stones. Note that Porto Timoni is not visible from the top of Afionas and if you want to take a glimpse of it from above you need to follow the path from Anemos cafe for 400 meters and then turn a bit aside.


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